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Who is CV Tips brochure for?

Are you currently hunting for jobs in Prague? Struggling to get recruiters reply to your application email? A straight-forward break-down of the most important practical CV tips might help you avoid some of the common mistakes. Look no further, you found it! Download the brochure with our 8 very practical CV tips + a special tip for young professionals, that is often totally forgotten. Our CV Tips brochure is ideal for those who know their CV is of very high quality and they just want to check it against realities of the job market and recruitment process. Our tips will help you eliminate most common barriers in a recruiter’s mind, that often prevent expats’ CV from being shortlisted despite 2% unemployment rate.

Why does this matter?

As we regularly review CVs of our group members, at certain point we started noticing common patterns. So many applicants make the same mistakes over and over again. Let’s admit the obvious, Prague is not vastly different from any other urban job market. However, your expat status makes your application different, and you cannot ignore that. Simply put, some things that you would easily skip in your CV as a local, are the things you just cannot afford omitting as an expat looking for jobs in Prague. Similarly, many expats tend to touch topics that are not common in local CVs. Sometimes, these even go against EU laws. Unsurprisingly, some recruiters would rather immediately delete such CVs than to contact applicants and ask them for correction.

How does downloading CV Tips brochure work?

It’s simple. Click the ‘Buy now’ button and complete the purchase for this symbolic price. Don’t waste any more time and download it now with 2 clicks. You get instant access to a page where you can download the brochure, right after you complete the purchase.

What do you receive when you buy our digital brochure?

For merely a price of 2 beers in Prague you get access to unlimited downloads of the latest version of our CV tips brochure for 10 days.  If you apply the tips we mention in the brochure, your CV will stand out in the right way. By purchasing it, you also support our awesome community and help us run our referral network for many expat professionals like yourself. Help us bring the right opportunities for the right people.

What else should you consider?

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