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  • CV tips - brochure for download

    CV Tips (download)

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    Instant PDF download
    Get 8 actionable CV tips
    In-market verified
    Bonus tip for newbies

  • Quick CV rating service

    CV Rating

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    Simple score from 1 to 10
    Feedback in under 24 hours
    Only human reviewers
    FREE CV tips brochure

  • Quick CV Review by professional

    CV Review

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    Personalized list of actions
    Delivery in under 24 hours
    Only human reviewers
    Great rate of success!

  • CV Revamp that will make recruiters respond to your job application

    CV Revamp

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    Clear and neat CV format
    Current standards used
    Delivery in under 24 hours
    Experienced CV writers

  • Career Talk - career counseling for expats

    Career Talk

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    Experienced Career-talkers
    5+ years of practice in CZ
    60 minutes of pure time for you
    Flexible evenings and weekends

  • CV Rebrand - complete upgrade of your CV

    CV Rebrand

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    Visually striking design
    Individual approach 100%
    Delivery in 48 hours
    Experienced CV writers