Expat jobs in Prague​

Looking for good expat jobs in Prague? Use your network to the fullest! Instead of faceless and almost anonymous email applications, ask a current employee of the company to refer you. This will automatically land your CV at the very top of the pile of applications. Moreover, the employee who refers you is most likely going to get an employee referral bonus from their employer. Therefore, his or her motivation to follow-up is an extra boost for your application. So, join our job referral group on Facebook now – it’s FREE! Ask to be referred, and stop wasting time on looking for that perfect expat job in Prague all by yourself. Use the power of the community to your advantage!

How does our job referral work?

When a group member finds a job in Prague they want to apply for, they check in the group if any of the members can refer them at that company. It can be a job posted in our group, or a vacancy found on any general job board, like Expats.cz Jobs section for example. Our group gives you a great opportunity to ask questions freely, and to be referred for the job directly. That of course increases your chances of being considered by the recruiters seriously.

Can't find a job in Prague?

We know that at times it can be difficult to find a job in Prague if you are an expat. The local hiring traditions and practices can come across as odd, to say the least. But more often than not, your CV or your job-hunting strategy is the main cause of the problem. We trained our chatbot Refi to help you diagnose why exactly you’re struggling to find a job in Prague. It’s completely FREE – Try it now!

We post jobs for expats regularly!

Our group members and ourselves, we all post new job offers in our private Facebook group quite regularly. Apart from full-time jobs you can often also see posts from small business owners in Prague and entrepreneurs who are looking for people with specific skills for short-term cooperation. That really helps to build a dynamic and productive group of expat professionals eager to network.

Where do members of our expat jobs in Prague group work?

Here are just some examples. To see the newest jobs at the companies our referrals work for just click on the logos below and view their career pages. Once you find the job offer you like, reach out the members of our group dedicated to expat jobs in Prague and ask the community for a referral contact.​