CV Rebrand


  • Visually striking design.
  • Individual approach 100%.
  • Delivery in 48 hours.
  • Experienced CV writers.
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What do professional CVs look like? There are many things that go into it, but above everything, a really good CV stands out and it is enjoyable for the hiring person to read it. Strong story-telling, good grammar and logical structure comprise the mandatory minimum of a professional CV. But it also must be visually appealing and simply different from other CVs. Our premium CV Rebrand service delivers just that!

It is a complete re-branding of your current CV. Our experienced CV writers will make sure your profile stands out from the crowd of applicants. You just need to supply the information about your skills and experience and we’ll take care of the rest. Your new CV will be visually striking and memorable, it will tell a truly compelling story about you and your skills. We will also work on wording, tweaking the texts where needed to make the most important parts shine through.

The process is simple – you submit your materials (current CV) and we start working. Within 48 hours you will receive your new and sleek PDF CV. Our experienced CV writers may reach out to you withing these 48 hours via phone or email to check with you some details, if needed. All with just one aim – to make your strongest qualities stand out. If after receiving your new CV you realize that you’d like to change something minor in it, we include 1 round of amendments into your CV for FREE. Moreover, you can request a 50% discount for each consecutive iteration of your CV’s content as your career progresses and your CV needs to reflect that.

Check out one of the examples of a great professional CV in PDF we designed recently. If you want to step up your CV game and make your presentation stand out, purchase CV Rebrand service now and you will have your new CV in 48 hours.