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Who would benefit from our CV Review service?

Our CV Review service is tailored for those who are looking for a job with not major success so far and they want to get an unbiased opinion on their CV. If you want to hear honest and constructive feedback, this service is for you. Be ready for a “straight-talk” kind of feedback after we review your CV. We will give you a list with specific things that you could do better, so that you can take a real action and fix those things. Our feedback is at times very critical, but it is totally worth it. It will certainly make your CV much more compelling if you take our recommendations on board. Check out what others say about this service on Facebook and Google.

Why does it matter?

There is no such thing as negative feedback, because as long as it is constructive it aims to provide betterment. Of course, you can ask a friend or a colleague to have a look at your CV and to give you feedback. However, unless they have extensive hiring experience, their recommendations won’t probably cover the areas that matter for recruiters. Besides, your friends are very likely to be biased, trying to save your feelings and avoiding sounding too harsh. Such approach is not constructive! If you really want to improve your CV, you need an experienced professional to review it.

How does this CV Review work?

After purchasing this CV Review service on our website, you upload your current CV into our system. The system immediately notifies one of our experienced CV reviewers, they log in and review your CV. That way, within 24 hours, they send you a detailed feedback – a personalized list of actions you should take to improve your CV.

We only employ human reviewers in this process. All of them are professionals working across business spectrum. They have hands-on experience with in-house recruitment and hiring. So, rest assured that their perspective reflects the realities of the market very well.

What do you get when you have your CV Reviewed?

After carefully examining your CV, the reviewer will send you a list of specific points aimed at improving your CV. If you make the changes following these recommendations, you will have a much higher chance of landing an interview and ultimately getting that dream job you want.

What else to think about?

You can be 100% sure our feedback is honest and constructive. However, note that it’s on you to make the changes based on our feedback.

If you prefer having your CV reworked by an experienced professional, consider our more holistic services, such as CV Rebrand. If you aren’t sure that your CV needs such investment at all, check out our CV Tips brochure first. It’s the most economical way of getting a quick feedback on your CV that will help you understand if it needs a major rework at all.