CV Review


  • Personalized list of actions.
  • Delivery in under 24 hours.
  • Only human reviewers.
  • Great rate of success!
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Our CV Review service is tailored for those who are looking for jobs in Czech Republic and are open for constructive criticism. Detailed recommendations are sent to you within 24 hours.

After carefully examining your CV, the reviewer will send you a list of specific points aimed at improving your CV. If you make the changes following our recommendations, you will have much higher chances of landing an interview on the Czech job market.

We only employ human reviewers in this process. All of them are professionals living and working in Prague across business spectrum. They have hands-on experience with in-house recruitment and hiring, therefore their perspective reflects the realities of the market very well.

If you want to hear honest and constructive feedback, this service is for you. Be ready for a “straight-talk” kind of feedback. It is at times very critical but it is totally worth it, because it will certainly make your CV much more compelling if you take our recommendations on board. You’ve been warned. So … No hard feelings! 🙂

You can be 100% sure our feedback is honest and constructive. If you are already in the process of scanning jobs in Czech Republic, don’t waste any more time. Purchase our CV Review service now and within 24 hours you’ll obtain a detailed breakdown of how to make your particular CV “sell” you better on the Czech job market.