Career Talk


  • Experienced Career-talkers.
  • 5+ years of practice in CZ.
  • 60 minutes of pure time for you.
  • Flexible evenings and weekends.
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Sometimes there are topics you can’t discuss with your immediate colleagues. That’s when our Career Talk comes handy.

All our Career-talkers have at least 5 years of work experience in corporate environment in Czech republic, they have solid careers and they love discussing work-related challenges. Keep in mind, since all of them are economically active, with rare exceptions they will only be willing to meet for a Career Talk in after-work hours (post 6pm) or occasionally over the weekend. If you want to check available time-slots before you purchase this service, you can do it with our chat-bot on Facebook here.

Request a time-slot with one of our Career-talkers to meet and discuss important work-related questions you might have. You choose any Starbucks or Mamacoffee in Karlin, New town, Old town or in Smichov, and our Career-talker will meet you there for 60 minutes to discuss anything work-related that bothers you. The price is final and you are not expected to pay for their order at the cafe.

Here is an overview of the most common topics we get to discuss with our group members:

  • My boss doesn’t acknowledge my efforts. What should I do?
  • How should I ask for more money and succeed?
  • I struggle to connect with my new colleagues, especially the local ones. What are my options?
  • I feel under pressure with an unmanageable workload. What’s my way out of this?
  • I have more than one job offer lined up for me. How should I choose the best one for me?
  • I struggle to find the right life and work balance. How do I go about this?

Also, we cannot provide you with legal advice, but we’ll be happy to share with you any knowledge and experience we have regarding employment in Prague, taxes, local laws etc.