How to Join Prague Referral?

Two ways to join Prague Referral. You choose!

Chat with me. Join for FREE!

Buy me a coffee. Support us!

Prague Referral started as a Facebook group. It came out of a desire to create a dynamic community of engaged professionals. People who are eager to network and maximize the quality of their lives in Prague. And the purpose hasn’t changed since then! We are all about good job offers, cooperation opportunities and money-saving deals. So, anyone who shows genuine interest in our cause can join our group. Here are two ways for you to do that. Choose the one that fits you best. If you choose the free option, just drop us a message on our Facebook page, and our admin will guide you.

This option is 100% free and will always be! We request this to make sure the group doesn’t host any spammers or bots. Click the button below to start a chat with our group admin. It will take less than 2 minutes. Our admin will check to make sure you are a genuine human being and not a bot/spammer, and he will grant you access to our job referral group within 24 hours. Welcome!

This is an alternative option for those who don’t want to chat with our admin for whatever reason. However, it is also for those who find our project useful and want to reward us. Simply click the button below and donate a coffee. Please state your name as it appears on Facebook in the Message box. That way we’ll know who “bought us the coffee”. Then just go to our group on Facebook (see Contacts) and request to join. The admin will check and grant you access the same day.

Important note before you join Prague Referral

Please keep in mind that there is no room for discrimination of any kind in Prague Referral group, i.e. based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or identity, disability, religious believes etc. Criticism is very much welcomed, as long as it is constructive and non-discriminatory. The quality of connections within our group are our highest priority, therefore we reserve the right to temporarily block or completely ban you from the group. That would only happen in the event that our admin sees your behavior in the group as inappropriate, or in case you break one of the rules of our group. You’ll be warned by the admin in a private message in case this happens.