3 things to do in Berlin on a day trip from Prague (Part 1)

The German capital is my favorit destination in this country! And while there are really many things to do in Berlin, in this article I’m going to present you an overview of 3 key reasons why you should visit this city. This is Part 1 of a series of articles that will help you organize a short trip to Berlin from Prague. The series covers main things to do this city, best ways to get there from Prague to Berlin, and detailed itinerary for 1 or 2 days trip to Berlin. So, let’s jump into it and first cover the basics: Why should you choose a short trip to Berlin?

Day trip from Prague to Berlin
Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash

Why choose a day trip from Prague to Berlin?

It is rather common for those living in Prague to book short trips regularly. We all like to unearth and admire important cities nearby Prague, such as Berlin. And if you are wondering why to go for a day trip from Prague to Berlin, here’s why.

#1 thing to do in Berlin – explore its Communist history

It is common knowledge that Berlin has a vast history, which is why a visit here will offer a lot of interesting facts about Germany’s past as a former Communist country. Everywhere you look, you will see parts of that harsh dictatorship. There are countless historical landmarks in Berlin. You’ll see the optimal route for visiting all the most important landmarks following my itinerary in Part 3 of this series. I hope to be able to help you explore the main historical sites of this city in the most efficient manner.

Berlin is a perfect place to learn more about the history of World War II, Nazi Germany as well as the historical east-west division of the country that followed after the war. It’s fascinating when you realize how communism in the East affected the country, and, in fact, keeps affecting to this day. Then it’s even more fascinating when you start making parallels to the Czech Republic and the life we experience here in Prague.

Being so rich in history, it was only natural for Berlin to pay close attention to its cultural side. As a result, the Museum Island located on the Spree River, features several museums gathered together in a one-of-a-kind landscape. The Old National Gallery has European artwork from 18th to early 20th century, focusing mostly on preeminent German Romantics and French Impressionists. By the way, the entire complex is under UNESCO Patronage. And, for me, that’s a big reason why it absolutely must be on your list of things to do in Berlin. 

#2: Enjoy food and local craft beer in Berlin

Berlin has incredible local food and each place in this city will entice your taste buds like never before. The must-try dish in this city is the “currywurst”. It is an authentic local food concept, served in street stalls just as well as at restaurants around the city. It is made of sausages, curry sauce and ketchup, and it is served along with fries. And if you enjoy spending time in street food markets, you for sure need to visit Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. This is the ultimate heaven for foodies. You’ll read more about it further in Part 3 of this series.

Of course, you can’t visit this city without experiencing beer tasting. Locally produced craft beer brands are very popular here. Berlin is known as the European capital of beer and street-food. So, if you enjoy beer, a visit to a German beer garden simply must be in your to-do list. So, stick around, cause I’m going to give you some pretty good tips for local craft beer tasting.

#3: Party, party, party!

Another nickname of the German capital is the Party Capital of Europe. It gained this name because of the numerous festivals, events and street parties that happen throughout the year. The epic nightlife scene might convince you to transform your day trip into a weekend getaway from Prague to Berlin. In fact, if I think about night life in Berlin, I might, actually, need to make a separate itinerary of things to do in Berlin at night – it’s really rich!

And if you are seeking to have an alternative night out, I have a tip! My choice would be attending a show at the Chamaeleon Theatre for another type of experience. They offer contemporary circus performances and that’s something that you’d hardly seen before.

After you’ve identified the main things to do in Berlin: next steps

Now, at this stage, I hope I sparked your curiosity! Hopefully, you want to learn more about best ways to get from Prague to Berlin (Part 2 of the series). And you might also want to see my full itinerary for a short trip from Prague to Berlin (Part 3) to make sure you don’t miss any important landmark during your day-trip or a weekend getaway. Follow the links in this paragraph to check out the continuation of this series, now when you’re clear on the main things to do in Berlin.

If you are looking for the best neighborhood in Berlin, find a place in one of these two areas. These are the optimal locations for a short stay in my opinion. And, of course, don’t forget your Revolut card, to save on exchange rate when you spend Euros in Germany.

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