From Prague to Berlin for a day trip – my top itinerary for a short stay

One of the best day trips from Prague is the one to Berlin. It is that kind of trip that can be easily extended into a 2 days city break and that will entice you with a lot of cultural experiences. Following next in this article, you’ll find the top one-day itinerary for a short day trip from Prague to Berlin. I’ll also add some tips on how to transform it into an unforgettable weekend getaway, where to eat and where to take pictures. And, as always, how to spend your money smart while you’re traveling to Berlin.

Day trip from Prague to Berlin
Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash

Why choose a day trip from Prague to Berlin?

It is rather common for those living in Prague to book short trips to unearth and admire important cities nearby Prague, such as Berlin. And if you are wondering why to go for a day trip from Prague to Berlin, here’s why.

Berlin is rich in history

It is common knowledge that Berlin has a vast history, which is why a visit here will offer a lot of interesting facts about Germany’s past as a former Communist country. Everywhere you look, you will see parts of that harsh dictatorship. There are countless historical landmarks in Berlin. You’ll see the optimal route for visiting all the most important landmarks following my itinerary below. 

Berlin is a perfect place to learn more about the history of World War II, Nazi Germany as well as the historical east-west division of the country that followed after the war.

Being so rich in history, it was only natural for this city to pay close attention to its cultural side. As a result, the Museum Island located on the Spree River, features several museums gathered together in a one-of-a-kind landscape. The Old National Gallery has European artwork from 18th to early 20th century, focusing mostly on preeminent German Romantics and French Impressionists. Overall, the entire complex is under UNESCO Patronage, which is why it absolutely must be on your to-do list in Berlin. 

It’s the go-to place for foodies and beer lovers

Berlin has incredible local food and each place in this city will entice your taste buds like never before. The must-try dish in Berlin is the “currywurst”. It is an authentic local food concept, served in street stalls just as well as at restaurants around the city. It is made of sausages, curry sauce and ketchup, and it is served along with fries. And if you enjoy spending time in street food markets, you for sure need to visit Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg – the ultimate heaven for foodies. You’ll read more about it further in this itinerary.

Of course, you can’t visit Berlin without experiencing beer tasting. Locally produced craft beer brands are very popular here. Berlin is known as the European capital of beer and street-food. So, if you enjoy beer, a visit to a German beer garden simply must be in your itinerary. And it is, if you follow the one I present below.

And Berlin is the best place for party people too

Another nickname of Berlin is the Party Capital of Europe. It gained this name because of the numerous festivals, events and street parties that happen throughout the year. The epic nightlife scene might convince you to transform your day trip into a weekend getaway from Prague to Berlin

And if you are seeking to have an alternative night out in Berlin, my choice would be attending a show at the Chamaeleon Theatre for another type of experience in Berlin. They offer contemporary circus performances and that’s something that you’ve hardly seen before.

How to get from Prague to Berlin

The comfy way – take a train from Prague to Berlin

With daily direct connections between Prague and Berlin, I can say for sure this is the safest and most comfortable traveling option. Although, the direct routes can be booked up until 4:30 pm, after which you will have to consider a train trip with a change in Leipzig, Germany. But you will want to start your day trip from Prague as early as possible, won’t you? Hence, I don’t think this is a limitation of any kind for you.

Anyhow, the Prague to Berlin train departs from Prague’s Central Station and in around 4 hours it arrives to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the central station in Berlin. These trains feature a restaurant car, so you can grab something to eat or drink during your trip. Tickets vary in price, depending on how early you buy them. My tip is to book and purchase your train ticket a couple of days before your trip. That way, you will receive an affordable rate that can start at 14 EUR / one way.  When paying for your trip use your Revolut card to save on exchange rate (if you don’t have one yet, you can get your Revolut card for free with us).

I honestly believe that a train trip from Prague to Berlin is the best choice if you’re a visual type. If you decide to go by a train, you will get the chance to admire the stunning area of Bohemian Switzerland between Decin and Bad Schandau. It’s really beautiful, so consider this option.

You can always take a bus from Prague to Berlin

If you don’t enjoy traveling by train, taking a bus from Prague to Berlin is a great alternative. There are several bus companies operating on the route. The main ones are RegioJet, Flixbus and Eurolines. While the price for tickets varies mostly based on the connection you choose and how much in advance you book your tickets, I believe the quality of on-board service they offer, also impacts the cost.

My recommendation is to opt for RegioJet, the rates start at 15 EUR. I always recommend them to all my friends and colleagues, because their services are simply unmatched. The starting point for your trip will be at UAN Florenc bus terminal, nearby Florenc metro station in Prague. With this option, you will benefit from a cosy bus ride with AC and Wi-Fi on board, along with several other facilities. What I enjoy the most while travelling with a RegioJet buses is the touch-screen devices that permit access to several entertainment options – movies, games, TV series etc. This keeps you occupied during the trip and the journey seems shorter. Check the latest rates and offers for Prague to Berline bus route on RegioJet website.

What about a road trip from Prague to Berlin?

If you are aiming to enjoy every single moment of this day trip from Prague, take a car and turn the way to Berlin into a solid part of the whole travel experience. Although this might turn out to be a bit expensive depending on how much you spend on gas, it offers you a lot of flexibility as you travel. Cheap rental options are often available on Rentalcars.com, so check them out if you don’t have your own car.

With several rental choices, you can even get a car in Prague and return it at the same dealer’s office in Berlin. The best thing about renting a car for a day trip to Berlin is that you can stop along the route and admire several landmarks, as the area is packed with culture and nature. Here are some tips for what to check on the way from Prague to Berlin if you’re traveling by car:

  • Melnik and Litomerice are traditional Central European towns that offer quite impressive view thanks to their red rooftops and pastel-colored houses
  • The Bohemian Switzerland National Park is definitely worth visiting while passing by as it offers some of the most picturesque spots in the whole country
  • I also strongly recommend you stop by in Dresden – it’s one fo the “cutest” cities in Eastern Germany.

Your itinerary for a day trip from Prague to Berlin

Day 1

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Day 2 (optional, if you extend your day trip from Prague to Berlin)

1. Wake up recommendation: admire the sunrise at Museum Island

I think the best option for starting your day 2 in Berlin is spending your morning at Museum Island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the middle of the Spree River. It hosts 5 internationally known museums, along with the most important cathedral in Berlin, the Berliner Dom.

This is the best spot in Berlin to admire the sunrise. The Spree River that surrounds the complex reflects the water, leading to an overall mesmerizing view.


Head to the northern side of the island, as there you can snap the best water reflection of the Bode Museum’s round architecture.

The Berliner Dom was initially built back in the 16th century, yet what you will admire today is the 19th century restoration. Besides it’s beautiful architecture, another reason for its popularity is its impressive pipe organ hosted inside. Visiting the cathedral is a must, of course. But I recommend you choose one of the museums on the island, based on your interests, and pay it a quick visit before heading to the cathedral. I recommend considering one of the following: The Pergamon Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Neues Museum or the Bode Museum.

Berlin Cathedral - you can't miss it if you're traveling all the way from Prague
Berlin Cathedral – photo credit © Julia Solonina/Unsplash

2. Get a tasty break

After all those morning activities revolving around the Museum Island, you for sure deserve a good snack. Heading North from the island, you will find a place called the House of Small Wonder. Their menu features several food options, while the coffee served will go perfectly with one of their popular Benedict biscuits. I recommend you just grab a little bite here and keep some space for a proper lunch later. Keep in mind that this place only accepts cash payments. That’s so “Berlin”! 🙂

If you’re looking for a proper meal by this time, I have another tip here. You can have an authentic German lunch at Schwarzwaldsuben. Their menu is filled with typical dishes from Southern Germany. My top choice is the German egg noodles dish, yet there is plenty to choose from in their menu. Keep in mind that this is another establishment that only accepts cash.

3. Alexanderlatz and the TV tower

From here head south-east to Alexanderplatz, passing by Monbijou park. Many consider Alexanderplatz the heart of modern Berlin. The main square is packed with shops, restaurants and a several monuments worth admiring. Yet most people come here for the Berlin TV Tower.

Built back in the 1960s, this tower is accessible for visitors, which is why you’re here. It will take you up – 203 meters above Berlin. It has a bar/restaurant at the top, so you can have a nice cup of coffee while admiring the views of the city. And the best thing about this establishment is that it rotates, so you get to see the whole Berlin if you stick around. I recommend booking a window seat in advance for the best view in Berlin. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it. For a window table at the restaurant you’ll pay 24.5 EUR per adult. You can also save a bit and go for the bar and observation point, then the price is 3 EUR lower.

Berlin TV tower
Berlin TV tower – photo credit © Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

3. Oberbaum Bridge

If you take the S3 train from Alexanderplatz Bahnhof to Berlin Warschauer Straße, you will reach the Oberbaum Bridge in no more than 15 minutes. It is a very popular landmark in Berlin, being a double-deck bridge crossing over the River Spree it’s really beautiful and not just functional. Over time, it became one of Berlin’s most important symbols of unification.

Oberbaum Bridge - nothing like this can be seen in Prague
Oberbaum Bridge – photo credit © Ondřej Bárta/Unsplash

4. Charlottenburg Palace

And at this stage you’re approaching your last point of interest in this day 2 itinerary. Brace yourself, because it will require a long train ride, but believe me it’s worth it. Take a 45 minutes ride from the Bridge to the Charlottenburg Palace. Here you can explore and admire this architectural gem up until you are ready to return to Prague. In fact, this ride is going to bring you closer to one of the bus stations, from where you can take your bus back to Prague.

I believe that your trip to Berlin won’t be complete without a stop at Charlottenburg Palace. Positioned in the western part of the city, this is one of the largest palaces in Berlin. It went through a lot of challenging events since it was built in the 17th century. Yet, all the bombings or renovations did not change its original architecture and appearance, it is still simply stunning.


If you’re traveling to Berlin in December, try to attend the Christmas markets that are organized on this palace’s premises. But in any month of the year, there will be something worth admiring here.

To reach the palace, you will need to take either U1 or U3 line from Schlesisches Tor next to the Oberbaum Bridge, and go all the way to Bhf. Möckernbrücke. Then change with U7 to continue until Richard-Wagner-Platz. And this would be your last stop in Day 2, after which you can easily access Funktrum bus station, to take your bus back to Prague. Just make sure you choose this station when you’re booking your tickets.

Charlottenburg palace
Charlottenburg Palace – photo credit © Wesley van ‘t Hart/Unsplash

4B. Markthalle Neun – nice alternative to Charlottenburg Palace

If you decide you don’t want to go to Charlottenburg, then visiting Markthalle Neun would be a perfect alternative way to finish your day 2 in Berlin. It is a very vibrant indoor market with a great variety of food options and community events. The atmosphere there is very unique and it’s a great place to absorb some positive energy before you commence your journey back to Prague. And it’s only a couple of minutes walk from the Oberbaum Bridge.

If you’re planning to spend the end of your day 2 in Berlin here, I recommend booking the bus tickets to / from Sudkreuz instead of Funktrum, as it will save you some time. After the visit at Markthalle Neun, you can take U8 at Kottbusser Tor then change to S-bahn at Hermannstrasse station and continue to Sudkreuz. The journey is only 25 minutes.

Markthalle Neun - finish your day 2 in Berlin here and head back to Prague
Markthalle Neun – screenshot from markthalleneun.de

Final thoughts about your short trip from Prague to Berlin

That’s it! This is the end of Day 2 of my top itinerary for a short visit of Berlin from Prague. Stick to the day-trip itinerary at the beginning, if you absolutely cannot turn in into a weekend getaway. But I really hope you’ll manage to spend those two days in Berlin and will enjoy the full list of places to visit I recommended here.

And at the end, a little reminder – book a place in one of these two areas. I really love these districts of Berlin, and I believe these are the optimal locations if you’re traveling for such a short period of time. And, of course, don’t forget your Revolut card, to save on exchange rate when you spend Euros in Germany. Enjoy your trip, and keep traveling!

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