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Terms of use

These Terms constitute the contract between PragueReferral.cz and the Client and are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of confirmation of your acceptance of these Terms and making payment for the service.

These terms contain the entire agreement between the parties and unless otherwise agreed in writing by the admin of PragueReferral.cz, these Terms of Business prevail over any previous terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the Client.

No variation or alteration to these Terms shall be valid unless the details of such variation are agreed between PragueReferral.cz and the Client and are set out in writing and stating the date on or after such varied terms shall apply and are signed by both parties.

Definition of services

These Terms define services in the context of interaction between the Client and PragueReferral.cz.

In case of CV Services (brochure or any active work with the Client’s CV) as well as in case of Career Talk, the service is the fact of work done and delivered by PragueReferral.cz in accordance with the service description on PragueReferral.cz website.

In case of Memberships the service is the fact of granting the Client access to protected content on PragueReferral.cz website. These may include ‘members only’ articles or such parts of articles, pages and documents on the website that are otherwise not accessible to public. PragueReferral.cz is independently responsible for deciding which content is protected in such manner. The Client doesn’t have a say in deciding which content is protected in such manner.

Payment and Prices

Purchasers of our services enter into a contract, which is written within the sole jurisdiction of Czech courts of law. Payment shall be through a secure payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe etc.) and it is these terms and conditions that will apply. In addition, work will not be commenced upon an instruction from a Client until full payment has been cleared by the payment gateway provider and has reached PragueReferral.cz.

All prices and services are subject to change without prior notice. We accept no liability for changing any prices. Orders placed with PragueReferral.cz before any change in price will be completed in the extent and for prices presented on our website at the moment when the Client had placed the order.

Legal age

You must be at least 16 years old to use our Services or such greater age required in your country to register for or use our Services. In addition to being of the minimum required age to use our Services under applicable law, if you are not old enough to have authority to agree to our Terms in your country, your parent or guardian must agree to our Terms on your behalf.


All Fees are inclusive of any Value Added Taxes, if applicable. Value Added Tax will be charged at the applicable rate within Czech Republic, if applicable on services we provide. As of 4th May 2020, VAT is not applicable on services provided by PragueReferral.cz.

Delivery and Timing

A contract only exists when PragueReferral.cz accepts your order. We reserve the right to decline your order or to withdraw services at any time without notice. We accept no liability for refusing to accept your order or withdrawing services. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client is consenting to PragueReferral.cz commencing work immediately after order allocation.

All turnaround times, where stated, apply to the delivery of the first draft. The Client may decide to supply additional information required for any changes. PragueReferral.cz may consider such request for changes as a separate order of services and therefore may also refuse to make those changes or request additional payment.

PragueReferral.cz accepts in good faith information, which purchasers of its services provide, and is not in any way responsible for the accuracy of such information. Furthermore, PragueReferral.cz is not responsible for the accuracy of any information, which is written in a purchaser’s CV or any other document provided by PragueReferral.cz that contains information submitted by the Client.

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure the accuracy and veracity of information provided to PragueReferral.cz, and information, which subsequently is written into any document provided by PragueReferral.cz.

PragueReferral.cz reserves the rights to use Client’s personal data, including contact details, provided by the Client in order to ensure the highest quality of delivery of services. This includes, but is not limited to, contacting the Client for any clarifications related to services purchased by the Client.

Refunds and Cancellations

Should a refund be agreed, any return payments will be processed within 30 days.

Once an order has been placed and paid, the Client has 14 days to cancel the service. Should a Client wish to cancel their order, the request must be made via email or our contact form on the Contact page of our website, and it must be received within 14 days of the order being placed.

Upon activation of cancellation rights, the Client will be required to pay for services provided up until the point of cancellation. Or, if any product purchased has been produced, the Client will be liable for the full amount.

The Client is entitled to request a refund in case the services were not provided in accordance with the definition of services in these Terms, and were not in line with the description of those services on PragueReferral.cz website.

Last updated 4th May 2020