Bringing living cost in Prague down

Although Prague is still a very affordable city to live in, recently the living cost in Prague went up quite a bit. So, we thought ‘Spend your money smart!’, i.e. if there is a discount for something you’d buy anyway, use it! Therefore, here we bring goods and services that are relevant for expats who live and work in Prague. Anything from tools that foster personal and professional growth to local services that simply make our lives easier.​

So, how exactly do we influence your living cost in Prague?

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Revolut – free account to save you a ton of money on exchange rate in Czech Republic and abroad, and a FREE card for our group members.

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Tipli – the best Czech cashback portal, which also offers 5% extra cashback for our group members. – special deals by Prague Referral and exclusive 10% cashback for group members

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How to access these discounts?

It’s easy. If you want to read more about any of the deals and discounts listed above, click on it and a new page with all the relevant information will open. That page will also have a link to our Facebook group section where all discount codes and referral links are saved. We only post the codes in that closed group because we want to ensure the benefits we bring to our community members are unique. So, next time somebody asks ‘Is Prague expensive?’, you can certainly say it’s not and you know why.

Is Prague expensive? A great way to save on your living costs in Prague is by using available discounts for things and services you’d buy anyway. Our group members do just that. Become a member of our closed Facebook group to gain access to all the valuable deals we negotiate for our community! Becoming a member is absolutely free. Go to How to Join page to read more about how to become a member of Prague Referral group.

Have an idea for improving your living cost in Prague?

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Help us bring expat living cost in Prague down! If you have an idea of a discount or a deal that you’d love to have as a member of our community, let us know! We are keen to hear from our group members and we genuinely enjoy being useful. Therefore, visit our Contact page and tell us more. We’ll reach out to that business in order to negotiate the best deal for our members.

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If your business offers goods and services that you think could add value to lives of our community members, do get in touch with us and present your offer! However, make sure you come up with your most compelling proposition before heading to our Contact page. Above all, we want to bring real value to our community. So, it must be something worthy. We are sincerely looking forward!