Tipli cashback. How to get 5% extra?

We partnered with Tipli cashback portal, which is the best and most popular Czech cashback program so far. Now, members of PragueReferral can get 5% extra cashback on purchases they make in their daily lives, when using Tipli. You can also install their browser extension which will automatically remind you about available cashback if you happen to be browsing one of their partner stores online. Don’t spend when you don’t have to, spend your money smart.​

What is Tipli cashback?

Tipli is a Czech cashback portal that returns you a portion of the money you spend while shopping. If you are not sure what cashback is, check our article on the best tricks for cheap shopping in Prague. The idea behind Tipli is simple. When you need to buy something, you are ready to spend money on that item anyway. And every shop wishes that you choose to spend your money with them, instead of their competitors. Tipli brings them paying customers in exchange for a cut on the money they make, and then Tipli shares this cut with you. See the video below to learn more about how it works. But make sure you turn on the subtitles in English.

By now, this cashback platform has signed partnerships with over 1200 different shops. Tipli offers them a customer with a strong purchase intent, in return the shop must give Tipli a portion of the money people spent there. Once the shop gives the money to Tipli, they share it with you. It’s a win-win situation!

You can find big brands such as SEPHORA (cosmetics), DATART (electronics) and even AliExpress and eBay there, but also smaller but useful shops like Tescoma (kitchenware), Sconto (furniture), Dr. Max (pharmacy), and many more.

Tipli brands
Screenshot from © Tipli.cz website

How does Tipli cashback work?

For starting using the Tipli cashback platform all you need is an email address. Later you’ll also need to provide Tipli with your bank account number, so that they can transfer you the cashback money accumulated on your Tipli account. However, you are fully in charge of when you share your bank account number with them and when you decide to transfer the cashback to it. Tipli doesn’t put any restrictions on the timing or the amount of money eligible for transfer. As soon as your account is up and running, you can transfer anything above 1 CZK. You can do it immediately, or in 10 years from the time of purchase, as you wish. 😊

It’s also important to keep in mind that the cashback doesn’t land on your Tipli account immediately after purchase, although it shows up there with pending status quite instantly. This is due to consumer protection laws that allow you to cancel your order or return the purchased goods for some time after the sale. In that case, obviously, you won’t be eligible for cashback on that purchase. That’s why shops take time to confirm the purchase and they return the money to Tipli once they’re confident you’re not returning or cancelling anything.

Example of cashback payouts

In the example below you can see my own cashback overview dashboard:

  • I have 62.4 CZK pending cashback for a Booking.com stay I booked, which will be processed after my trip.
  • You can also see the previous purchase I had made with Tipli (at Fresh Labels store) which I cancelled after all. I didn’t like the backpack when I picked it up at their physical store. Therefore, there is no cashback pending.
  • On the top-left side, you can see that I have 0 CZK waiting to be paid out, because I prefer to transfer all the money immediately to my bank account as soon as my Tipli cashback is processed.
  • The 20 CZK that’s visible in the top right tab is the sum of some random bonuses Tipli gives me from time to time.
Tipli cashback example
Screenshot from © Tipli.cz website - example cashback overview

How to shop and get your money back?

Here is what you need to do if you want to purchase something from a shop partnering with Tipli and get your cashback.

  1. Log into your Tipli account
  2. Find the shop you’re interested in, either by typing in the name of the shop in Search bar and clicking “Hledat” (Search) or by simply browsing through the categories in the main horizontal menu at the top
  3. Once you find the shop you were looking for, just click on its logo
  4. Now click the “Nakoupit” (Buy) button and your shop will open in a new window
  5. Complete your purchase in that new window as you would normally

In order for the cashback to work, you simply need to enter the shop from Tipli portal. Then the connection is established, and the shop will know who to send your cashback money to.

Why is the offer different for each shop?

A typical cashback through Tipli is anywhere between 4% and 10%, although sometimes it can reach up to 33% when they do some special promotions. The difference in cashback offered at different stores is based on the negotiations Tipli handles with the individual shops. It all comes down to how much of their revenue the shops are willing to return. When you browse through different shops on Tipli you can see what type of cashback/deal these shops offer through Tipli beforehand. Typically, it’s one of these three options (see the screenshot below):

Tipli types of discounts
Screenshot from © Tipli.cz website - example types of discounts

(1) A cashback of up to certain percent of the money spent. This means terms apply and for some products/brands on that shop the offer might be smaller than that maximum number. You can recognize this very simply – see that ‘az’ word before the cashback % in Rentalcars example, that means “up to” in English.

(2) A fixed %, as in case of FLiXBUS. This is straight forward – you get 3% cashback on tickets you buy from this bus operator.

(3) The last option is discounts and coupons. This means technically there is no guaranteed set-in stone cashback given by this shop, but they post their special offers and secret coupon deals through Tipli from time to time. It’s a “good to know” kind of information for you, but not a real cashback.

How PragueReferral offers you a 5% extra cashback with Tipli?

Since I personally use Tipli when I shop, and I absolutely love it, I reached out to them and proposed cooperation. They got quite interested in the opportunity to bring their services closer to Prague’s expat community through PragueReferral group. As a result, they offered a special 5% extra cashback for new users that register following our link. The link for the 5% extra cashback is accessible through our Facebook group, the Deals album. If you are not a member of the group yet, don’t waste time and join us now. But you can also enjoy the regular Tipli cashback offer anytime if you don’t want to use our special promo. In any case, as we always say, spend your money smart. Enjoy the cashback!