The best tricks for cheap shopping in Prague. Cashback offer as the cherry on the top!

When you are shopping in Prague prices can sometimes get quite scary! 😊 Especially for some categories of products. For example, clothing is somewhat pricier than in other big European cities. In comparison to Berlin or Dresden, cheap clothes shopping can turn into a real quest if you are in Prague. Unless you can afford shopping on Paris street (Parizska) anytime you want, you probably care about how much you spend on clothes equally as you care about the quality of those items. So, with the obvious fast-fashion brands like H&M and NewYorker being immediately out of the way (remember – quality!), what other options do you have for cheap shopping in Prague? In this article I’m going to share some of my tips for affordable shopping, and I’ll present you with the best cashback program I found so far in Prague.

cheap shopping in Prague

Cheap shopping in Prague’s outlets

Outlets are a great option if you are looking for cloths or things like home appliances, kitchenware or bed-sheets. Particularly when it comes to fashion brands, then outlets are the most preferred option for shopping for many. For example, Fashion Arena is one of the most popular outlets in Prague. They offer a selection of over 200 different stores. Prices are lower than in most other shops, for real.

The downside of outlets, including this one, is that they’re typically located far away from Prague city center. Fashion Arena is so remote that they had to start running their own shuttle bus service from Hostivar metro station to their venue. It leaves the station every 30 minutes, and if you don’t catch it, then you have to use public transport (buses 181, 182 and 183) and then walk for a bit. Realistically it takes about 40 minutes to get to Fashion Arena from Prague city center. So, go for it if you have time and want a wide selection of branded stores with affordable prices.

Choose remote, unknown shopping malls instead of those in the city center

Another interesting option is shopping malls that are located outside of the city center. I don’t mean those shopping malls that advertise heavily and attract a lot of footfall, like Westfield Chodov. Instead, I recommend you focus on malls that “no one” shops at. For example, Galerie Harfa is a good one. It’s not a popular shopping mall, because many people don’t even know it exists. As a result, stores that are located there often have massive discounts on their stock. It takes 10 minutes to get there from Florenc, just take the yellow metro line and go to Ceskomoravska station. Once you’re out the shopping mall is the first thing you see. Also, you can’t miss the dinosaur on its roof. 😊

Even though visiting remote malls and doing outlet shopping in Prague are legit options for cutting down some common expenses, there is more I want to share with you.

Thrift stores for cheap shopping in Prague

For now, still thinking of clothing, thrift stores are a good option too. There is a ton of good quality clothes available in those stores. To name a couple that are very popular among both locals and foreigners see these:

  • Thrift Store – very English friendly, two locations (one in Letna and one in Vinohrady), very popular among expats.
  • Transfer station (Prestupni stanice) – it’s a thrift store but also a social inclusion-oriented project. They organize different workshops and events to bring the community together and generally do good things.
  • Bellitex fashion – one of the bigger second-hand shops in Prague, located in Stepanska street in the city center. They offer new items every week but have a terrible website. You have to physically go there to see the offer.

Use price comparison websites to get the best deal in Prague

And, what if it’s not clothes that you’re looking for? Or maybe you want to buy stuff or services online since it’s the 21st century? 😊 If you are an avid online shopper, I recommend you start checking and comparing prices for the stuff you want to buy online. The best way to do that is by using a price comparison website. Heureka is a popular price comparison platform here in Czech Republic. Just type in what you’re looking for and it will find the item and compare its price in different online stores.

Also, if you like doing your shopping online, or at least doing your research online before you buy something, that’s when cashback comes as my favorite solution!

What is cashback?

Cashback is a system, a program offered by a specific bank or shopping center, or an independent platform. Such program ensures that you get a certain percentage of your money back when you spend at businesses the program partners with. Usually you just need to sign up for the program, without any initial investment or commitment from your side. Then you simply buy the stuff you’d normally buy. Just make sure you shop at businesses that offer cashback for users of your cashback program.

What are popular cashback programs in the world?

You might be familiar with the concept of cashback if for example you ever used PayTM to make quick payments in other countries. Cashback programs and apps are widely used across the world. If you’re from South Africa you’ve certainly heard of SNAPnSAVE app. MagicPin is a very popular cashback app in India. In USA it’s iBotta and Shopkick apps that have been gaining a lot of attention recently. Czech Republic is also catching up.

What’s the situation with cashback in Czech Republic?

Here in Czech Republic we are just starting to develop the cashback market. Some banks offer cashback programs, but these often come with some ridiculous limitation!

Cashback programs offered by Czech banks – not exactly cheap shopping

For example, MONETA Bank offers 3% cashback if you sign up for their credit card. They simply don’t care if you are perfectly happy spending your own money using your debit card. They go even further: MONETA offers you cashback only for goods and services within one out of 5 categories, which you must select when signing up for the card. So, for example, if you happen to select Travel and Sports as your cashback category and later that month you end up covering the bill for your friends at a restaurant, tough luck – you won’t get cashback on that bill. Moreover, the total amount of cashback you can receive with MONETA cannot exceed 500 CZK per month. So, all in all, not the most exciting offer.

Some other banks offer similar solutions, but I’m not going to discuss them as it’s more of the same rather than something that adds real value. That’s why I prefer independent cashback platforms.

Tipli – cashback I recommend to everyone for shopping in Prague

So far, based on looking into various different options for cashback apps and programs, I got convinced that Tipli is the best Czech cashback system. That’s why we’ve also partnered with them to get a special 5% extra cashback offer for PragueReferral Facebook group members. But we’ll get back to that topic below.

Why I love Tipli cashback?

In the past it happened to me that I simply forgot to use my cashback card at a shop or click through the link I should use to claim my cashback. Tipli takes their offer one step further. You don’t need to remember anything. Tipli offers you a browser extension that can be installed in two clicks. From that moment on, the extension will show you a small pop-up window reminding you about the cashback option in case you happen to be browsing any of the e-shops that partner with Tipli.

If you consider installing their browser extension, check out the explainer video at the end of this article. However, keep in mind it’s in Czech, so switch the English sub-titles on. By the way, they were kind to add these subtitles immediately after we contacted them asking to make their services more accessible for Prague’s expat community. Yet another reason to appreciate their service!

How to start using Tipli for cheap shopping in Prague?

It’s enough to use Tipli cashback platform once and see how the money you spent comes directly back to you. Then your vision of shopping is changed immediately! It really helps to turn you into a savvy-shopper who always gets the maximum value out of their money. And it’s a great pragmatic attitude, which you will benefit from, even when not shopping through Tipli. If you find this interesting, check out our special offer for new Tipli users. It will increase your cashback by 5% each time you shop. You can also find more detailed info about how Tipli works on that page. Don’t miss out on this cool opportunity to save some extra cash.

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