Affordable apartments to rent in Prague

We partnered with IdealniNajemce.cz to bring affordable apartments to rent in Prague to our expat community. No more dealing with difficult landlords, no more stressing out about something breaking in your apartment. IdealniNajemce.cz has your back! They truly go beyond simple flat renting. They offer you a comprehensive and continuous service, as you live in one of their apartments in Prague. IdealniNajemce.cz agreed to offer our group members an exclusive 20% discount on their flat rental service fee. Now, if you choose one of their apartments to rent, just mention our exclusive discount code. That way you pay 20% less on their agency fee when you sign the contract.

!Please note, this offer has been discontinued on January 8th, 2020!

What is IdealniNajemce.cz?

Finding an affordable apartment to rent in Prague is a tough challenge these days, as I wrote in this article with tips on flat hunting in the Czech capital. However, a company named IdealniNajemce.cz brings affordable apartments to rent in Prague (and in Brno) to busy people. They sign very long-term contracts with landlords. Consecutively, they sub-let these apartments to tenants. They arrange insurance for the flat and take care of all the maintenance work. Also, they commit to pay the landlord even if the apartment is temporarily not occupied by any tenant. Because this offer is so attractive for landlords, IdealniNajemce.cz manages to get really good rental prices from apartments’ owners. That allows the company to offer their apartments in Prague at a very competitive market price, even after they add a bit of their own margin.

Nonetheless, their offer for potential tenants is equally attractive. Especially for expats, as you’ll see further on this page. Not only that they offer these apartments at a competitive market price, there is also a ton of perks that come with becoming one of their tenants.

Why are their apartments for rent in Prague so loved by expats?

Here is why everyone who rents apartments from them, and especially expats, love dealing with IdealniNajemce.cz:

  • You can, but you don’t have to run around the city visiting apartments you think you might like. That because each apartment has a Virtual Reality presentation.
  • All apartments on their website are listed with detailed description in English and Czech
  • You don’t have to deal with local landlords, because IdealniNajemce takes care of that communication.
  • During the entire process of negotiations and later, as you live in the rented apartment, you only get to communicate with their employees. Before you move in it’s a dedicated consultant; and after you move in, it is an assigned property admin.
  • That property admin is a particularly great perk! In case something goes wrong in the apartment (e.g. internet stops working, the sink starts leaking etc.) you have one point of contact – your property admin. You get in touch with them and ask for help, and they find the right professional to fix the problem.
  • Your consultant will arrange all the initial paperwork for you. They will prepare the contract, get the flat cleaned, sign you up for an internet provider, get you discounts for furniture etc.
  • Needless to say, getting a proof of accommodation for MOI (to register your address) is not an issue here.
  • They insure the apartment when they take it over from the landlord, so that you have one less problem to think about.

So, to summarize, they are perfect for you if you don’t have time to deal with hunting for an apartment in Prague. You will also love them if you don’t feel comfortable with your level of Czech. And that all comes at a fair market price, with apartments well distributed across Prague at any budget level.

Idealni Najemce - Affordable apartments to rent in Prague​
Screenshot from © IdealniNajemce.cz website

Where can I see apartments that they offer for rent in Prague?

Their apartments are listed on UlovDomov.cz (it’s one of their projects as well) and on their own website. Since UlovDomov is a general apartments advertising platform, you’ll also see offers from different real estate agencies there. Ignore those offers, as our special 20% discount is only applicable if you want to rent one of the apartments from IdealniNajemce.cz. You can see the most up to date list of their available apartments to rent in Prague here on their website.

Make sure you select PRAHA on the big red button at the top of the list. Otherwise, apartments in Brno will also be displayed. So, once you click on any of these apartments, it takes you to the listing on UlovDomov platform. Don’t get confused here. They are two operating brands of the same company. So, our discount is still valid if you want to rent one of these apartments!

How does this discount for apartments to rent in Prague work?

All prices in their listings clearly outline the following types of expenses:

  • Rent (the monthly cost of your selected apartment)
  • Monthly admin fee (this covers the insurance and the work of your property admin)
  • Additional monthly expenses on services (water, electricity etc.)

Our 20% discount is applicable on their service fee that’s paid once, only when you sign the rental contract. All other tenants get charged 100% worth of their monthly rent as one-time payment, i.e. service fee. Prague Referral group members get 20% off this service fee. This can save you around 5000 CZK in case of a typical apartment in Prague. If you like an apartment, click the red button that says ‘Kontaktovat’. To be eligible for this special offer, type in our exclusive discount code in the message field (Zprava pro maklere) as you are requesting a visit to the apartment.

You can also mention the discount code verbally when you meet the agent, if you want to. All their sales people are aware of this special offer. Since this is an exclusive offer for our group members, you can find the discount code in our group’s Deals album here.

If you are not a member of our group yet, here are two easy and quick ways for joining Prague Referral. Choose whichever way fits you better.

What does Prague Referral get for offering me this discount?

Nothing. Honestly, nothing. 🙂 Real estate prices are as high as never before in Prague! So, we want to make sure our community members get the maximum benefit from this deal. We are not tracking your usage of the discount code in any way. Also IdealniNajemce.cz doesn’t reward us for recommending their services. This recommendation is purely based on the experience of our group members who rented apartments from this company in Prague. And since their experience was extremely positive, we wanted to spread the word. If you use our discount code and it helps you save money, and if you want to thank Prague Referral, consider following this link to buy me a coffee, you can buy two as well. 🙂 I love those! Thank you.

!Please note, this offer has been discontinued on January 8th, 2020!