PragueReferral.cz is looking for a new owner

Your chance to kick start your own side-business!

We are on sale! PragueReferral.cz is a unique digital project that connects over 3000 career-oriented professionals in Prague. Since 2019, PragueReferral.cz has offered a platform for networking and career opportunities to foreign professionals living in Prague. It all started with a Facebook group where people could refer each other for great job opportunities. We then began offering resume writing and career consulting services. Finally, we introduced a membership system where users have access to hidden (and useful) content on the website for a membership fee. We also started offering our users special events and discounts, which make up our affiliate offering. We are improving the quality of life for our users, by bringing the right opportunities to the right people.

Who is this offer for?

As you can see below, this young project has enormous potential. We believe it will be an ideal addition to the portfolio of an entrepreneur in the HR, relocation services, or banking/financial advisory sector. Therefore, I am happy to hand over the project to someone who will continue to develop it. If you are a “serial entrepreneur” or you are a professional in one of those fields Talent Acquisition and you want to start your own side-business, this project is for the perfect fit for you! 

What are the financials like?

Currently, the fixed monthly costs are negligible – only  128 CZK for the domain and hosting. However, if you want to see growth, the project requires a progressive development strategy and methodical investments in marketing and advertising.

With zero money spent on ads, and only thanks to our social media presence and free organic Google traffic, our revenue in 2022 was over 18,000 CZK (see the figures below). Almost 90% of this is profit! Imagine what the project can achieve with the right marketing strategy and proper community engagement. And this doesn’t even include the revenue from advertising and affiliate, which we’ll gladly share if you are interested.

Purchasing price for PragueReferral with all of its brand assets is:

90 000 CZK

Website traffic 2022

This is the community and platforms you gain if you decide to become the new owner of PragueReferral:

  • 32,000+ website users per year
  • 3,100+ members in our Facebook group
  • 1300+ followers of the Facebook page
  • 300+ followers on Instagram
  • Brand profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Why is PragueReferral unique?

Here are some additional stats that will help you understand what is the audience you’re gaining if you take over PragueReferral:

  • The website generates over 50000 prageview annually, and the traffic is monetized with ads.
  • 85% of our visitors come to us from Google search, i.e. this traffic is free, the rest
  • 45% of the traffic is from Czech Republic, the rest come mostly from the US, UK, Germany, India and other countries
  • Our users are a well gender-balanced group of young english-speaking professionals, mostly between 25 and 44 y/o.
  • 70% use a better Apple or Samsung device to access the website
  • They are active shopper and travelers, interested in career development, real estate and financial services, i.e. this is a great demographic for your affiliate marketing

Interested? Get in touch!

Phone: +420 608 49 49 97

Email: [email protected]