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Who is CV Revamp for?

Our CV Revamp service is definitely for you if you are sure of the content of your CV, but you rarely hear back from recruiters (if at all). The truth is, most people have compelling experience that, as they think, they “sell” well in their CV… Until a kind soul points out its flaws! One of the most common issues in CVs I receive is the structure and layout. So, I designed the CV Revamp service to help job seekers fix that.

Why does this matter?

Even as the most experienced candidate with a perfectly fitting profile you are most likely going to be ignored by a recruiter, if they don’t read your CV. In reality, it’s very easy for a recruiter to tune out when they have to review hundreds of CVs daily. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “tune out” as dissociation from what’s happening. And, when your CV lacks clear and logical structure, that’s exactly the mental process that is going on in a recruiter’s mind. As they struggle to follow your “story”, they tune out quickly. Then they stop reading your CV and move to the next candidate. As a result, they abandon your case without learning much about your great skills and fitness for the role.

How does CV Revamp service work?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” kind of solution when it comes to designing the best CV format for your case. It’s instrumental that we identify your key skills and experiences and push them forward. Also, it’s important to give your CV a more readable layout overall. When you make the purchase and upload your CV in the next step, one of our experienced CV writers will get notified to start working on your case. Within 24 hours they will reformat your existing CV into a better version of itself. All of our CV writers have hands-on experience with in-house recruitment and hiring with their current employers. This makes us confident that their perspective reflects the current job market realities.

What do you receive as the final output of our CV Revamp?

Within 24 hours you will receive an upgraded version of your CV that will make your profile irresistible for an average recruiter. That will dramatically increase your chances of getting a call from a recruiter. They will simply not resist the urge to learn more about you. Changes we make as part of this CV Revamp service are focused on layout and formatting of your CV. Most importantly, these changes will push the top-priority information about you forward and therefore will “sell” your profile better. The text will largely remain unchanged, as by purchasing CV Revamp you choose not to have major changes in it. We take it as a confirmation that you are happy with the content, and that you just want to structure it better.

What else should you consider?

If you are not sure about the content of your CV, you might need a bit more robust CV writing intervention. For that, check out our CV Rebrand service. If you want to have your CV content simply checked and evaluated before you purchase CV Revamp, consider CV Review service first. Otherwise, don’t waste any more time, purchase CV Revamp service now and start hooking recruiters on your “story”. You can also read other people’s reviews of this service on our Facebook page.