Revolut card in Czech Republic

Now you can get your free Revolut card in Czech Republic and it’s the best choice for handling foreign currencies for any expat living in Prague. Free ATM withdrawals and foreign currency exchange at unprecedented interbank rate (read more below). Just set up your free Revolut CZK account (Czech crowns) in 2 minutes using Revolut app. You can also order your MasterCard or Visa with 1 click. With our special link you can save 250 CZK and get your first Revolut card for FREE.

! Note, as of May 11th 2020, Revolut has temporarily suspend the FREE card offer. Other details remain unchanged. !

Why having a Revolut card in Czech Republic is the right choice for you?

We wrote an entire article about benefits of Revolut against banks and currency exchange shops in Czech Republic. But hey, here is a quick overview for you. 😉 First things first. Is Revolut a bank? Revolut is not a bank actually, although it’s been granted a banking licence by the European Central Bank. They position themselves as a modern FinTech company that aims to revolutionize the financial industry. They do that by offering an unprecedented service to people – Revolut exchange rate you get to enjoy with them is the so called interbank exchange rate.

‘What does interbank exchange rate mean?’ you might be asking. It’s simply the exchange rate that banks use to swap foreign currency between themselves. Banks never offer this rate to the public, and it’s usually around 3% better than any rate they’d give you. Revolut’s exchange rate is the main selling point of this FinTech. It’s also the #1 reason why more than 6 mln. people now use Revolut worldwide. Forget the Buy and Sell exchange rates you see at banks and currency exchange shops around Prague. There is only one exchange rate in Revolut app and it is applied for all transactions that involve foreign currency exchange. You can also keep an ongoing balance in multiple currencies and swap your money between them as you wish.

Apart from this amazing exchange rate that Revolut offers to all their users, depending on the type of account you setup, they also offer a range of other perks. We broke it all down in the article mentioned above. But even the simplest standard account, which is totally FREE, is able to save you a ton of money. Whether you’re spending in any foreign currency when traveling, withdrawing cash from an ATM or sending money abroad – you will definitely save money with Revolut.

How much can you save with your free Revolut card?

Here is a real life example! I recently booked a trip to Marseille and picked an apartment on AirBnb for 430 USD for a week. AirBnb charges your card in USD even when you travel in Europe. So, paying with my free Revolut card with their amazing exchange rate I saved myself almost 35 USD worth of Czech crowns. All because my regular Czech bank’s exchange rate is much worse. That’s why here at Prague Referral we believe that everyone simply must have a Revolut account, and ideally also a MasterCard or Visa card with it. Especially, because with our Revolut referral link you can get your card for free.

Why should you get your free card with our Revolut referral link?

Prague Referral group members get their first Revolut card for FREE, including shipping to Czech Republic. This means following our special Revolut referral link you get all the perks of your Revolut account, and a card for free. The regular price for a standard Revolut card won’t ruin your finance, as it costs only  about 250 CZK + shipping. But why would you spend this money if you can get the same Revolut card for free? So if you are a member of our group on Facebook, go to the group’s Deals album and click on our Revolut referral link to proceed to their sign up page with the free card offer. Shipping is also free if you follow our link.

If you are not a member of our group on Facebook yet, there are two quick and easy ways to join Prague Referral, so check them out. And, if for some strange reason 🙂 you don’t want to join us, you can of course open a Revolut account for free, but you will have to pay that small fee to get your card. Think it through though! Before signing up, make sure you check out the following three types of accounts Revolut offers, compare the differences and choose the right option for you:

All in all, Revolut is truly revolutionary! We cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it is for anyone who travels frequently or deals with foreign exchange in any way. Revolut exchange rate is phenomenal! It is simply a must have.