Czech tax advisers who speak English. Recommended by expats.

People often asked me for recommendations on English speaking Czech tax advisers. I know that dealing with your Czech taxes might seem difficult and even overwhelming if you don’t speak Czech. Even though my experience of doing my Czech taxes proved to be quite straight-forward. Anyway, if you decide to approach an English speaking tax adviser for preparing your personal income tax return, I won’t judge you. And in fact, it doesn’t even have to drain you financially, as you will see below. Some of them can even submit your tax return on your behalf, so you will have virtually nothing to deal with. Here is my list based on recommendations I sourced from other foreigners living in Prague, and by searching in various social media groups for expats. I updated the list in February 2024.

Czech tax advisers who speak English
Czech tax advisers who speak English

The list of English-speaking Czech tax advisers

Tax adviser Price Comment
czechtaxesonline.cz 600 CZK Simple online platform in English and several other languages. Fill the form in, download the ready files in PDF or XML.
jednoduchepriznani.cz 249 CZK This is a bonus option for those who speak Czech. 🙂 They basically offer the same service as the one above (online platform), but it’s in Czech, and even if you flip the website language to English, it still keeps some bits of the text in Czech. Look at the price though!
accounting-taxes.cz 3000 CZK Professional certified accountant with decent English.
expattaxes.cz 3000 – 4000 CZK They also do US taxes, not only the Czech ones. Often recommended by foreigners in Prague.
atlantaxa.com from 5000 CZK Quite a small but very English-friendly company that specializes in tax advisory, and particularly preventing double taxation for foreigners living in Czechia. Not very prominent on social media, but worth considering. Registered in the Tax Advisers Chamber of CZ.
expat-tax.cz N/A She is a certified tax adviser, very active on social media in various expats groups, always ready to help.
johnmohrea.com N/A Experienced US and CZ tax adviser, also recommended by the US Embassy
Alexio . cz (not going to link) N/A Very established company with a lot of recommendations from foreigners. Terrible website though, that’s why I’m not linking to it! 🙂 Call them!
lerika . eu (not going to link) N/A An accounting firm recommended by many foreigners in Prague. They can file your Czech tax return for you. Not linking to their website as it has an expired security certificate.
Czech tax advisers who speak English

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