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When searching for a ‘Booking discount code’ online you will quickly realize they don’t offer any. That’s because they are keen to do price-matching – ensuring they always offer the best rate on the market. Luckily for us, our community of expats in Prague has a couple of extra benefits. Keep reading…

Can I apply a Booking discount code?

There is no way to do it, because Booking doesn’t offer promo codes. But there are a couple of alternatives to a ‘Booking discount code’ that can help you save money on your next stay with And, of course, we are happy to make those available to you.

“Booking” is the leading provider of online system for booking hotels worldwide. With more than 2,4 milion hotels and other properties listed, they offer a large selection of options that will easily satisfy any traveler.

How to get 10% cashback without a Booking discount code?

Our group members can get a 10% cashback after their trip, if they book their accommodation following the referral link in our group on Facebook. It’s Booking’s standard Refer a Friend program and we are using it! All thanks to the power of our expats community. Make sure to read the details on Booking’s FAQ page before completing your reservation. So if you are a member of our group and you have an account on Booking, go to the group’s Deals album and click on our referral link to proceed with your reservation on Booking. If you haven’t submitted your card details in your Booking account yet, make sure you do so. That way they will send you the 10% cashback directly on your card.

Is there any other cheap accommodation option?

Another great way to save on your accommodation costs is to use one of the widgets below. We added them here to allow you a quick access to the best deals in the most popular destinations among people traveling from Prague. Just click on the deal you like and it will open on Booking. There you can view all the details of these cheap accommodation options and complete your booking.

How about booking hotels in other destinations?

If you are traveling to another destination, use the Search box below. It will open the best selection on Booking for your selected location and dates.

Why should I book here if there is no Booking promo code?

You are guaranteed to see the best offer through because they apply price-matching. Of course, price-matching also applies for the widgets we use here for booking hotels. Therefore, even without any option for Booking promo code, you can stay reassured – the rates you see there are the lowest on the market.

Full disclosure, does get rewarded by Booking. However, since the best price is always guaranteed on Booking, they don’t add our reward to the total amount you pay. They pay us a small amount from the commission they get from the hotel anyway. So, when you access Booking from these widgets you don’t pay a single penny extra. However, you still get to enjoy the best deal on Booking and also you support our community. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Final thoughts before you start exploring those last minute hotel deals...

Don’t forget that planning your paid vacation days in advance can save you money. It can even make you more money! Of course, that is true assuming you are employed in Czech Republic. By the way, that information alone can save you more money than any Booking discount code… Just saying! 🙂

Nonetheless, if you are determined to get your city break as soon as possible, but can’t decide where to go for a short holiday, here is have a tip… Check out this Inspiration Search Box for some fresh ideas for last minute hotel deals. Finally, enjoy your trip!